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James M. McCoy

James M. McCoy writes:

I was Engine Cadet from Sept. 1970 to March 1971. It was the SS Keystone State, C4. She was the ex Marine Flyer. If memory serves me it was a later war vessel, 1945. There were a few indicators of her previous life, i.e., some of the ammunition lockers and some areas where the gun tubs had been removed. I thought she was a terrific ship. It would be the one and only truly old school break bulker tramper Id serve on. Sadly, that era was drawing to a close. I believe she had about 54 in the crew, including mess men, they would take your order off a menu.

I have a couple photos from that time and even my ship discharges.It was my first ship and to this day I have fond memories of my time aboard her. In time I rose through the ranks to Chief Engineer.

I am a proud Calhoon graduate. The photo of me sitting with the world map behind and the tiny Christmas tree would be a photo characteristic of at the time I served aboard. I had a diversified career, the first portion sailing both steam and motor vessels. Later went into ship management as a port engineer and the later part of my career as port engineer for the US Army Corps of Engineers.

If any of this is useful then I am happy to make the contribution.


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