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David A. Dent

  • Graduated Kings Point, June 1966. The class graduated 2 months early due to a need for officers at that time.
  • Sailed steadily until November 1970, mostly for States Marine-Isthmian, including Cotton State, Lucille Bloomfield, Steel Flyer, Steel Designer, Pine Tree State and Steel Executive. Also sailed temporarily for Pacific Far East Lines, Grace Lines, Permanente Steamship Co. and SeaLand.
  • Came ashore in Portland in 1971 and has been working as a Marine Surveyor since then. For over 20 years he was the Portland Lloyd's Agency certified surveyor. He owned Walter O. Haines & Co. until it merged with Alexander Gow, Inc. in 1990.
  • Resigned from Alexander Gow, Inc. in 2000 and has been working independently ever since.

Go to the Isthmian Lines web site and read David's account (with photos) of losing a rudder while aboard the S.S. Steel Flyer.

3/M David A. Dent, on the right, in June of 1966, on a San Francisco/Saigon run, aboard the S.S. Cotton State. The others are (l-r) C/M Tom Gunter, Capt. Robert O. Elsensohn and 3/M Harlan Loibl.

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