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Fred Koster writes:

I scanned these old photos from an old scrapbook that has been laying around the MMP union hall for at least 20 years. From what I can tell, they show the Beaver State, Steel Seafarer, and Hawaiian Trader (Matson?). Anyway, maybe you will be interested. I'm sure whoever left them in the hall doesn't care, even if he's still among the living.

By the way, that scrapbook has lots more pictures. I chose ones that showed good details of the ships. There are a few others that show crew members. All the photo quality is pretty bad though.

Fred Koster

SS Beaver State

circa November 1962

SS Beaver State

SS Beaver State

Bridgedeck, looking aft. Could this be the crewman that put the scrapbook together?

Working the foredeck.

Number 3 hatch.


Foredeck, starboard side.

Bridge, port side.

Bridgedeck, starboard side.

SS Steel Seafarer

SS Steel Seafarer


SS Steel Seafarer


SS Thunderbird

circa September 1962

SS Hawaiian Trader

circa 1958

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