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Captain Fred L. Arnold

Inez Kollmar writes:

The following are highlights of my dad's interesting rescue operations while w/States Marine Lines:

-- Fred L. Arnold was Chief Officer on the Blue Grass State on Oct 25, 1959, when, then Capt. Thomas C. Price, died in his bunk at sea. My father then became acting Master of the Blue Grass. The ship was in transit from Coos Bay, Or to Panama Canal when three days later, Oct. 28, 1958, approximately 35 mi from Manzanillo, Mexico, an overturned lifeboat was spotted with 4 men hanging on. They were rescued & after criss-crossing the area for another 3 hours seven more men were rescued. Survivors were from the motorship Sinaloa of Acapulco & apparently capsized in a cyclone. One crewman, the last to be rescued, died on board ship.

-- Fred Arnold was chief officer on Beaver State in January, 1961 when another rescue was effected of three men from the Pacific Seafarer, foundered in shark infested Caribbean waters. For ten days the men had been clinging to a raft which had held six men, three of whom were taken by sharks, the 3rd just two hours before rescue. Skipper of the Beaver State was Capt. Hans Mogensen whose expertise in calculating distance & direction the men may have drifted since distress call, resulted in their being located. My dad, Fred Arnold & crew launched a life boat & dispatched to the raft to make rescue.

-- Then again, on August 4, 1962, while Master of the Cotton State, my dad, Fred L. Arnold, by efficient handling & prompt, skilled cooperation of entire crew, successfully rescued a crew member lost overboard.

On Aug 18, 1961 a letter of commendation was presented to Capt Arnold for himself & his crew at Pier 66 in Seattle by the Maritime Board & the Consul-General of Mexico for the rescue of M.S. Sinaloa survivors.

For the three rescues at sea, Fred was also honored by the National Safety Council & the American Merchant Marine Institute. There was a write-up in States Marine Lines safety bulletin Spring of 1963, with picture of Capt. Arnold. Maybe that's available in your records.

On June 14, 1963 on board the S.S. Bayou State, States Marine Lines hosted a presentation to Capt. Fred L. Arnold in acknowledgment of outstanding leadership & seamanship on these three occasions.

This is a quick overview of events that might be of interest to your website. I have put together a whole album of ships' records, radiograms, news clippings, & pictures of these & further events but thought this sufficient for your purposes. I would send a picture of my dad but not sure I know how to do that by email.

Thanks for your interest,

Inez Kollmar, Fred's daughter

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