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Phil Stevens

Phil Stevens writes:

My name is Phil Stevens and I live in Essex, MA. I graduated from the Maine Maritime Academy in 1970. I was hired after graduation by States Marine. They sent me to Wilmington/Long Beach, CA, and gave me a job with a company that did shore side repairs on States Marine ships that arrived on the west coast. I worked for about a month doing repair work until my name came up at the union hall and I got the 8-12 watch on the Sunshine State. I had asked to be on one of States Marines diesels and was lucky enough to get this position. I made four round trips between the west coast and Vietnam. It was a wonderful ship with a great crew. We did all of the maintenance on the engine ourselves, whenever we hit a port. I remember being in Siagon and having an ABS inspector come aboard to look at broken rings on one cylinder and giving us the OK to pull that piston. Then we did another the next day without his OK. I just stumbled across this web-site and was saddened to read of the ships end in 1984. All good things must come to an end.

Phil Stevens

M/V Sunshine State

Engine room photos.


Me again.

Al Reid, Bob McMurry, Chief and 3rd.

Bob McMurry on right.

Generator diesel.

The Sunshine State in drydock on the west coast.

The propeller.

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